Camassia offers visually impaired humans an assistance to find the free path in front to them. In order to achieve this Camassia generates an acoustic representation of the path by analyzing the camera image and informs you continuously where it assumes free space.
The process of sonification may appear unfamiliar to inexperienced users, however the surrounding can be identified fairly quickly with a little bit of training. So with sonification information about the surrounding can be presented to the visually impaired person using sounds. The user can choose between different ways how this information is translated into sounds.
Camassia is an extension to existing ways of orientation. Camassia is fairly effectiv in combining information about the surrounding area with infomration on the direction since the acoustic representation is given in stereo to the user. Therefore the app should be used with earphones, or even better with bone conduction headsets.
Camassia itself would work completely without a visual representation of the camera picture, since visually impaired persons use their smartphone in voice-over mode or other modes where the screen turns black completely. The camera picture and the related path detection is shown just for clarification.