Exclusion of liability:

iXpoint Informationssysteme GmbH shall not be held liable to and shall not accept any liability, obligation or responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage arising from usage of this app.

Use this app at your own risk. Do not rely on the information given by it. Make sure your path is safe before moving around in your environment. Any liability for damages is excluded. Take an Mobility and Orientation training with respected trainers before moving in independently in an environment that is unknown to you.

This app is not intended to detect moving objects, persons or other hazardous areas in your way or to deliver warnings about such events accordingly. Please do not use earphones which reduce or block ambient noise. We recommend bone-conduction receiver to use with this app.

You might experience expedited battery discharge and warming of your mobile device when using this app. This is due to the extensive CPU-usage of this app and is not a defect off the app, but normal and expected behaviour.