We are planing and realizing IT-projects in software-development and network infrastructure.
The design of sustainable concepts and a reliable implementation paired with a professional projectmanagement is one of our strengths.
We count medium-sized companies as well as international corporations as our customers. The spectrum includes the banking and financial sector, airlines and leading industrial companies.
Since 2007 we specialized in the development ob mobile applications (“apps”) mainly in customer-specific projects (“business apps”). One of our main goals is to securely connect these apps to the internal business-processes of the customer. Platform-independent development ensures cost-effectiv and sustainable solutions.
Furthermore we are involved in several research-projects in the area of mobile solutions, augmented reality and others (e.g. Projekt Terrain).
Further information about our company can be found here: iXpoint Website

Our special thanks goes to the “Studienzentrum für Sehgeschädigte” (https://www.szs.kit.edu/) and especially to Gerhard Jaworek who helped us with his advice, experience and continuous support during the development of Camassia.